Source: Business insider

With Apple’s flagship iPhone X set to be made available on Friday 3rd Nov. 2017, Apple CEO has reiterated Apple’s resolve to stay on top of things and meet the new iPhone’s demand. This is coming after the company’s earnings report of on Thursday.

He shared with CNBC’s Josh Lipton and Jim Cramer that the iPhone X is off to a strong start from an order point of view. He said “iPhone X, from an order point of view, is off to a very strong start from both the direct orders and the orders that our channel partners, primarily carriers, place on us. The manufacturing ramp, which I know has been the subject to much discussion, is going well. Our output is increasing every week, and I think it’s going particularly well considering that it’s the most advanced iPhone we’ve ever made, and it has a number of new technologies in it”.

Responding to why the delivery window got pushed out very quickly and whether it was as a result of the unprecedented demand for the new product, Tim said “There’s nothing to compare it to is the real answer to that, because it has no predecessor product. It’s not replacing something that existed, and so there’s not a compare other than a compare to sort of our forecast internally, and so in some ways, I’m not sure if any language I’ve put on it is terribly meaningful for you”.

“What we can say, and you can see that from our quotes, is we were quickly backlogged, to say the least. Now, however, as I mentioned, the ramp is going better, and we’re hoping to decrease those quotes in the next day or two — some. Now, there will still be a wait, but we’re working as hard as we can to get as many out there as soon as possible. We know that a lot of people want these in time for the holidays, and so you can bet that we’re trying to do that.” he added.

Apple recorded a fourth-quarter revenue of $52.6 billion and its rave of the moment product, iPhone X will be available for shipping on Friday 3rd of November 2017.


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