Opposition activists clashed with anti-riot police in Caracas, Venzuela, on Monday. FEDERICO PARRA AFP / CTN News Image

Thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets on Monday to protest the breaking of constitutional line in the oil country, and demonstrations could intensify in the coming weeks exerting even greater pressure on the troubled Nicolas Maduro regime, experts said.

The governor, who was in Havana seeking diplomatic support, faces a scenario of increasing volatility at a time when protests are increasing in intensity and the countries of the hemisphere are becoming active in the face of the collapse of democracy in the democratic country.

“The protests are likely to intensify during the next three-month scenario,” Diego Moya-Ocampos, senior analyst for Latin America at IHS Country Risk, wrote in a report.

“They will probably start peacefully, but they could become violent as security forces try to dissolve them by force and arbitrary arrests,” he added.

Activistas de la oposición chocan con la policía antimotines en Caracas, Venzuela, este lunes.

In one of the most serious scenarios, security forces could even use firearms to crack down on demonstrators and make use of paramilitary forces allied to Chavismo known in the country as collectives, he added.

Cientos de personas participan en una manifestación este lunes en Caracas. Las fuerzas de seguridad venezolanas arremetieron por quinta vez en los últimos 10 días contra los manifestantes que se oponen al gobiernode Nicolás Maduro.

Despite the call to abandon protests launched by Maduro on Sunday, Venezuelans demonstrated on Monday to protest the breaking of the constitutional thread.


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