The great Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro passed away on the 25th of November at the age of 90. He is probably the only person in the world who has survived close to 600 murder attempts on his life! Sounds scary, isn’t it? The world knows him as a ruthless dictator; however, there is more to him than this. He was a great leader and inspired millions of youngsters to live their dreams and to survive tough competition from the biggies just like how he defied the US forces during his life. Here are some of the valuable lessons that we can learn from this great man’s life.

  1. Having faith in one’s action plans

The sizes of Cuba and the US are simply incomparable, to say the least! To express the domination of US forces in his home country and to fight for the rights of his countrymen shows Castro’s immense belief in himself. His famous quote stands testimony to this fact –“It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action”.

  1. Arising to the situation

One of the main lessons that Fidel Castro taught us was to arise to the occasion when life throws us something unpredictable and totally different from what we expected. He believed that you could never plan anything in life, which is expressed quite beautifully in his quote, “Destiny produces the man for the hour”.

  1. Always present facts

Fidel Castro fought all his wars based on facts and numbers. He never underestimated his opponents or their powers. He knew their strengths and their weaknesses accurately, and he played along with the latter to win debates. Castro teaches us that we can win any argument only when we can convince our opponents, as evident from this quote, “You may be able to convince me that I am wrong, but you cannot tell me that I am wrong    without convincing me.” Sounds quite practical for today’s world, isn’t it?

  1. Never give up

Castro’s sense of humour, though sarcastic at times, teaches an important lesson in life – to be able to laugh at ourselves even at the most crucial times so that we get up and get going than feeling bogged down. While talking about the numerous conspiracies that were planned to kill him, Castro once famously quoted, “If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal”. That’s how he asks us to live our life as well. Never give up even when all the odds are against you.

  1. Enjoy life

Fidel Castro inspired us to live like there is no tomorrow. He also taught that age is just a number. As long as our minds are young, we can stay healthy even during our old age.  In one of his quotes, Castro said, “I think that a man should not live beyond the age when he begins to deteriorate”. The deterioration that Castro talks about here is not only physical but mental as well. So, let us live life to the fullest as we never know what tomorrow might bring us.

With the passing away of Fidel Castro at the age of 90, Cuba has lost its perfect “son of the soil”. Castro was the man who made the world superpowers sit up and notice of his small nation and he ensured that his nation got a permanent place on the international map as well.


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