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TECHNOLOGY (Conspiracy Talk News) – As the year 2017 comes to an end, researchers are already opining that 2018 will be a tech-driven year in all part of the world.

The world is expected to witness the rise of new technologies that will influence the way we work and also improve our efficiency. These new ideas, apps, and innovations will help people do their jobs better and promote productivity at home and in the workplace. Some of this new tech trends to watch out for in 2018 include but not limited to the following.

Wi-Fi on the fly – DB Events Network recently created a new Wi-Fi connectivity solution. The network makes it possible and easy for people to quickly create a Wi-Fi network during events, science exhibition, weddings, festivals, carnivals, and ceremonies when there is no existing connectivity infrastructure.

This new tech trend will help people get connected to the Internet anywhere they find themselves.

The Internet of Things: The Internet of Things is a network of smart-phone technology or connected products such as software, sensors, actuator electronics and network connectivity. This network enables them to exchange data without human interference, and this new tech has been opined to influence the way our smart-phones work in 2018.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect in May 2018. This regulation will revitalise the way organisations gather personal information of people who plan to attend their science and technology exhibitions and events. The GDPR will also affect the way most firms gather and use customer’s personal information for advertisement and marketing.

Apple latest update – Recently, Apple unveiled its latest range of new products that will also affect how people work in 2018. One of such product is the iPhone – X, this handset charges wireless which mean that it will be easy for organisations to set up a charging point for people who will be attending their event in any location and time. Also, the iPhone-X which will open up new ways through which information can be gathered is also an excellent alternative for the delivery of high-resolution contents at live-events.

Snap Mask – This new app that was recently created will help individuals to offer a photo sharing experience wherever they find themselves. The app which works like snap chat is a facial-recognition app that is designed for people who are interested in taken selfies. The guest will pick their filters, take their selfies using their iPhone and share the image or video clip through a text or email. The snap mask can be used with a printer to allow people get real photos that they could take home to their families when they embark on a tour.

Finally, the year 2018 will witness a rapid change due to the new technological trends that are expected to be of significant impact to every industry and also improve the efficiency of people at home and in the workplace.




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