Michael Thompson has been a police officer since 06 and acting member of the drugs quad as of 2014. (CONSPIRACY TALK NEWS) PETER JENKINS

TORONTO – (CONSPIRACY TALK NEWS) Toronto Drug Squad Police Const. Michael Thompson, 37, was discovered having medical problems at his residence, eastern side of Greater Toronto area on April 10th. He ended up being hurried to a medical facility in which he passed away 72 hours later on.

The officer had a large quantity of opioids in his system, an excessive amount to be mere exposure to this drug, the police spokesperson explained Thursday.

Const. Michael Thompson, Thirty-seven, was discovered in medical need at his residence and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died 3 days later, Toronto police also said that he was single and without any kids.

Fentanyl, an artificial opioid just about one hundred times more powerful compared to morphine, is frequently coupled with some other drugs, which includes cocaine, heroin and also methamphetamine. It’s recently been attributed to increasing overdose problems across the nation, which authorities pointed  out claimed lives of over 2,800 individuals this past year alone.

“It difficult whenever we lose a member of our Toronto Police force, no matter the circumstances,” Deputy Chief James Ramer reported. “It’s much more difficult when the situation of the particular loss leaves all of us with a lot more questions than any answers.”

Toronto law enforcement representative Meaghan Gray explained that the Durham regional police force combined with the Durham coroners office carried out this investigation, informing Toronto law enforcement officials of cause of Mr. Thompson’s death back in July.

She stated the police brought out an intense investigation, including figuring out whether or not Officer Thompson bought these drugs on city streets or perhaps had taken them from police evidence..

“We are not able to answer that question and that we might not be in a position to answer it in the near future either,” Gray explained in an interview.

“We’ve  taken actions of asking our own membership specifically if they feel there’s a hole inside our expert services that we provide for them and i believe we’ll look to take into account all and any improvements from members input , avoiding something such as this from ever taking place again,” Gray explained.

Thompson’s passing away may affect a few of the cases which are on the court docket, Gray mentioned, including that one is due to move forward this Monday.

“I have no idea whether or not this will be the same end result for all of the cases he was involved with or if it’ll be established over a case by case base, however i speculate it depends on the actual cases independently, and also to what degree Michael had been involved with them and maybe what phase in the legal system they’re in,” the lady explained. “Those will be decisions that’ll be left to the Crown.”

Ramer referred to Mr.  Thompson as being “a good law enforcement officer who was highly regarded by his co-workers.”

“Our condolences go out to Michael’s friends and family that have all recently been devastated by his passing,” he was quoted saying.


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