Toronto Van Attack Update

Here is what we know thus far about the Toronto Van Attack- Right before 1:30 pm. ET Monday, a rental van quickly straddled the pathway or sidewalk in Toronto’s Yonge Street are, just to the south of Finch Ave.

The van, belonging to Ryder rental, It proceeded southbound just to the south of Sheppard Ave., a stretch of about 2 kilometers.

TEN individuals were murdered plus 14 injured or hurt. A few of the wounded continue to be in critical condition.

Exactly who are these victims?

The names of 4 of the 10 casualties are: Anne Marie D’Amico, a Toronto female whos family members expressed “only had kindness in her”; Munir Abdu Habib al-Najjar, a Jordanian male that was actually paying a visit to loved ones within the metropolitan area; Chul Min “Eddie” Kang, a gourmet chef recognized for his enthusiasm in the kitchen; as well as Dorothy Sewell, a cherished grandma recognized for sharing the passion of sporting activities.

A couple of additional injured parties have been established, however not specified, featuring a Southern Korean national and also a woman Seneca College and university student. In a news conference Tuesday, law enforcement stated all those killed plus injured were “predominantly women.”

What exactly was done to the suspect?

No more than HALF AN HOUR shortly after the occurrence started, the suspect was actually captured by police force following a stressful Mexican standoff on Poyntz Ave., that is just to the south of Sheppard.

This person is at the moment in police custodianship but made a quick court appearance Tuesday.

Who is this suspect?

Police have identified the suspect being 25-year-old Alek Minassian from Richmond Hill, Ontario, that is actually just to the north of Toronto. Police officers pointed out Minassian was never known to them prior to this occurrence and also held no former criminal track record.

Minassian for a while went into the Canadian armed force the fall of 2017 however voluntary quickly left the training program just 16 days later, for factors which continue to be not clear.

A LinkedIn profile with Minassian’s full name identifies him as a student in Toronto’s Seneca College.

Only moments prior to the assault, a message was created about what is thought to be Minassian’s Facebook webpage which referenced an “incel rebellion” and also applauded UNITED STATE mass shooter Elliot Rodger. The terminology “incel” mostly pertains to misogynist males that are “involuntarily celibate” but condemn females. Rodger, a self-confessed virgin, murdered 6 individuals plus wounded 14 various other inside The state of california around 2014.

Has this individual been charged?

In the course of a court appearance Tuesday early morning, Minassian was indicted with TEN counts for first-degree murder and also THIRTEEN counts for attempted murder.


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