new travel ban on 8 countries

On Sunday Evening, the Trump administration released their new proclamation announcing new travel ban on 8 countries replacing the previous 90-days travel restrictions. Earlier, Trump had announced the much-criticized travel ban on joining office. These new restrictions will go into effect starting October 18, 2017.

Indefinite Limit on Travel Restrictions of Citizens From Eight Countries

The 8 countries namely Chad, Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Yemen, and Somalia have been put on the restriction list for traveling to U.S.A. While some of the countries face a complete ban, others may be allowed to visit under business or tourist visas facing additional scrutiny.

While Iraqi citizens don’t face any travel restrictions, they will have to undergo extreme scrutiny for traveling to the United States.

North Korea, Chad, and Venezuela are the new additions to this list whereas the other 5 countries were present in the precedent 90-day visa ban list as well.

Facing a court case against the previous imposition, Trump critics are calling this new proclamation as another attempt to restrict the entry of Muslim people in the U.S.

New Rule Won’t Affect Current Visa Holders

However, the new rule does not affect the current visa holders from the banned countries or the permanent citizens of the US. Also, dual-passport holders who own the passport of any unrestricted country will be allowed to travel States as well.

200 Countries Reviewed Before Announcing the 8 Countries Travel Restriction Proclamation

The Homeland Security department reviewed almost 200 states to identify the countries that required to provide more information along with a visa application to the US authorities for deciding if an individual is a potential threat.

Some of the criteria included documentation integrity, terrorist-safe zones, and others. After a detailed review and discussion with the countries’ officials on the list, DHS declared 16 countries as “inadequate” and 31 others at risk of becoming inadequate.

“The restrictions and limitations imposed by this proclamation are, in my judgment, necessary to prevent the entry of those foreign nationals about whom the United States Government lacks sufficient information to assess the risks they pose to the United States.”- Donald Trump

“Making America safe is my number one priority” – Tweet by Trump

The White House Press Release reads, “As President, I must act to protect the security and interests of the United States and its people.”

Calling out to the countries that do not meet the criteria for safe travel and fail to cooperate with U.S. authorities face the complete ban on both immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. As a result, North Korea has been made a part of the new proclamation.

However, officials stated the people traveling from North Korea are already significantly less.

“The Administrator’s order is still a Muslim Ban”- Anthony Romero

The voices against the new proclamation have started to rise with a massive opinion trail on Twitter and other social media platforms calling out Trump administration for targeting Muslim countries in their list.

Stating the President’s efforts as banning people for which God they choose to worship. American Civil Liberties Union will continue the fight in court.

“Six of President Trump’s targeted countries are Muslim. The fact that Trump has added North Korea with few visitors to the U.S. and a few government officials from Venezuela doesn’t obfuscate the real fact that the administration’s order is still a Muslim ban.” – said Mr. Romero.

In an attempt to justify his actions, Trump stated that he is fulfilling his highest and most sacred obligation of keeping the American people safe and secure. He also suggested the ban may be lifted off those countries that satisfy the U.S. travel criteria completely in the coming time.


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