Bali Got Hit by Pwerful Earthquake

The earthquake hit the tourist hotspot Bali and other regions of Indonesia on Friday at around 6:30 am, said the agency. The epicenter is said to be about 33 kilometers south of a Village named Tolotangga, which is 1,350 Kilometers east from the capital, Jakarta.

The earthquake was assumed to be 72 kms deep, the agency added.

Indonesia’s National DIsaster Mitigation Agency said that the earthquake was also felt in the neighboring provinces of the east Nusa Tenggara and the tourist hotspot of the island Bali.

M6.2 earthquake hits Indonesia, check it out! :

The earthquake caused a number of residents and tourists in the areas to hit to the pour out from their resorts and houses. The agency added that there was no immediate reports of any damages and other casualties.

According to the U.S Geological survey, no tsunami warnings were issued in the area too.

Earlier, on Dec-7, Indonesia’s Aceh was also shaken by the earthquake with the magnitude of 6.5 that killed around 100 people all over the island.

Indonesia is prone to the earthquakes due to its location on the Pacific known as “Ring of Fire” which is an arc of volcanos and the other fault lines in the Pacific Basin.

It is also said that in the year of 2004 an earthquake and tsunami killed around 230,000 people in a dozen of countries and most of them in Aceh.


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