I have listed several destinations that won’t break you or the wallet

Each year, our travel experts skewer the Planet thoroughly scrutinizes hundreds of locations for that budget conscious traveler in search of the best destinations for the lowest possible out lay in costs. Our authors and editors, and the travel community, have squeezed their brains to find those countries inescapable and a must visit in 2016.We understand that for many people traveling the globe is not necessarily a hobby but rater a way of life.

The free spirited and a little wild at heart can understand where I’m coming from, right?Having said that, being a globe trotter comes with a price, therefore sacrifices must be made such as NOT staying and that 5 star villa or hotel and utilizing the more affordable hostel.

Number one must be none other then Auckland New Zealand

We have learned that the most expensive thing when traveling to this destination might be the Airline ticket. When is comes to Food and comfortable accommodations the prices are very affordable here.

Image: Pixabay


Image: Pixabay

Number two has to be Marrakech Morocco

 It seems that Tripadvisor has named this destination as back in 2015 as the #1 travel destination.. Keep in mind that its way better to go In October and May, reason being that prices DROP big time between those months. The food is out of this world and is sure to fit absolutely ANY budget.

Image: Pixabay

Number Three is Machu Picchu, Peru 

This is a hikers paradise to say the least. Take a trip to the Incan ruins in Machu Pichu and it will take your breath away.

When is comes to southern American Nation affordability, then this is the destinations of choice.


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