More than 250 minor tremors recently experienced in southeast California near the Mexican border could be the indicator of something larger, experts warned, though they can not predict the occurrence of a major earthquake.

The tremors, which began on New Year’s Eve, continued throughout the weekend with the highest level being 3.9 points on the Richter scale.

“The intensification of smaller earthquakes may always be the advance warning signs of other more devastating earthquakes,” the California Department of Emergency Services (OES) said in a statement to CTN News.

Still, analysts continue to dismiss the presence of these minor tremors as an indicator of high possibility for a devastating earthquake in the coming days.

However, the US Geological Survey (USGS) recalled that according to the seismic history of the San Andres fault an “epic earthquake” is expected every 150 years and the last great earthquake that devastated the region occurred in 1812.

Although the tremors of the beginning of the year occurred in the seismic area of ​​Brawley, a transition zone between San Andrés and Imperial faults,  expert annalist of quakes Lucy Jones says “It does not mean the imminence of a major tremor”.

“Our earthquake risk has not risen due to these earthquakes. Nothing has changed, “said the expert in his Twitter account.

Yet others stand there ground with a more negative outlook.

A USGS analysis published in 2015 estimated a 93 percent chance of “one or more magnitude 6.7 or greater tremors in the Southern California region in the next 30 years.”

Likewise, the analysis calculated the risk of occurrence “in the next 30 years of a tremor of 7.5 or greater is 36%, in the southern half of the state.”

That is why, for Jones, the most important aspect of these analyzes is the preparation process of those communities which might be impacted the most, especially of the less favored areas occupied by Hispanics.

“When you look at what a tremor can cause us, it may not kill us but it will make our life really miserable. We will not have electricity or water, we will not be able to go to work and we may not have a place to live, “Jones warned.



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