The US bombs Syria in coalition with France and the United Kingdom. Trump announces that he will keep up the pressure until the “murderous” regime of Bashar El Asad abandons chemical weapons.

In a calculated military operation, he attacked in coordination with France and the United Kingdom the “barbaric” regime of Bachar El Asad for the alleged use of chlorine gas against the civilian population of Duma (Syria). 

Retaliation, backed by the West and presented as a “precision hit” against chemical weapons production and storage centers, carefully avoided the risk of escalation. 

There were no dead soldiers and, according to the first versions, no damage to the civilian population. 

Everything was in a surgical intervention that allows Washington to keep open its exit and send a signal of firmness to Russia, Iran and even North Korea. “Mission accomplished”, celebrated the president.

After six days of drum roll, Trump ordered the attack. 

It was four o’clock in the morning on Saturday in Damascus and from the eastern Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea the war machine was set in motion. 

Allied jets took off with 105 missiles, mostly Tomahawks intended for Syria.

The main target was the Barzah research center, outside Damascus. 

Considered the core of Syrian chemical weapons production, its three buildings were targeted. Two warehouses in Homs were also hit. 

The US high command, although it did not quantify the Syrian losses, considered the intervention “a complete success”. 

There were no casualties or damages to the civilian population slaim Trump spokespeople.  And the 40 missiles launched by the regime of Bashar El Asad did not do anything to our rockets, according to Washington, to interfere with the attack, something denied by Syria. 

“It will take years to recover, we have inflicted severe damage on the chemical arsenal,” the Pentagon said.

The intervention in Syria is part of an endless history. 

Trump announced the attack from the White House, did not hide it: “We do not have illusions, we can not purge the world of evil or act in all places where there is tyranny. There is not enough American blood to achieve peace in the Middle East. We can be partners and friends, but the destiny of the region is in the hands of its own people. “


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