Trump and Kim meet in Singapore: "Prelude to peace" Kim and Trump shaking hands Photo by - Reuters

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are the most incompatible statesmen, but fate has thrown the president of the United States and the tyrant of North Korea an opportunity that has been granted to few historical figures: together they can change the world.

Summit in Singapore – which began with an individualized meeting, along with translators – represents an expected opening for 70 years, but that was unthinkable just a few months ago, as they exchanged insults that aroused fears of a nuclear war.

Trump said the meeting would be “tremendously successful,” adding that “we will have an excellent relationship ahead of us.” Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un said the meeting is a “prelude to peace.”

Kim Jong Un said: “By courageously overcoming the past that has been holding us back for a long time, I think that sitting together, facing one another, is a great prelude to peace.” President Trump replied: “Me too.”

And Kim continued: “As I said before, until now, others have not been able to try it, of course there will be difficulties along the way, but as of today, the day it has started well, I am determined to start a great project together”.

It does not matter what happens later in the talks between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the US president. Donald Trump: his handshake will remain historic, Jean H. Lee, an expert in North Korea at the Wilson Center, whose headquarters are in the United States, told CNN.

“I’m really thinking about how this is going to impact everyone, because it is such a powerful moment for the people of North Korea,” he said. “It will be celebrated in North Korea as the moment the United States recognized them and treated them as an equal,” he added.

Lee also stressed the fact that a US president, flew almost half the world to meet with the leader of “a very poor and very small country” that gave him a lot of legitimacy.

“This is what (Kim) had in mind when he increased and accelerated the testing of his devices, to force the president to sit down at the negotiating table,” Lee said. “It’s awesome to see him and I get chills because we’re giving him exactly what he wanted.”

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, gave his hand to the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in his meeting in Singapore, on Tuesday morning. It is an extraordinary example of diplomacy that reflects an unprecedented commitment on the part of two unpredictable leaders who try to leave their mark on history.

It is the first time that a functioning US president and a North Korean leader have met.

Trump tests his strategy with North Korea, to talk with this leader and with what he hopes represents a historic breakthrough.

Trump says he will seek to resolve differences with Kim over the nuclear program

US President Donald Trump predicted in Singapore on Tuesday that he will work with Kim Jong Un to resolve differences over North Korea’s nuclear program.

“Working together we will solve them,” Trump said at the beginning of an extended meeting. He also said that the two leaders “will solve a big problem, a big dilemma.”



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