It has been noticed that President Elect Donald Trump is quickly becoming very different from past American presidents in terms of positive rating.

According to the citizens in America, Trump has done almost nothing to cast himself aside from white supremacists, according to some of his past statement, he sound more and more like one of them.Because of this connection, people are concerned that Mr. trumps Business ventures and ties will be a cause for disagreements or rather conflict with his performance as President of the United States of America.

As he prepares to take his placed in the presidential office, only 41% of the population say they approve and accept his future doings/plans for American. While on the other hand 55% says they are not in support or agreement of the job trump has done.

CNN pointed out on there website that “Most Americans — 57% of those surveyed — say they see “a lot” of discrimination against Muslims in society today. That’s higher than the 43% who see a lot of discrimination against gays and lesbians, 41% who see it against blacks, 32% who see it against Hispanics, 23% who see it against women, 15% who see it against evangelical Christians, 14% who see a lot of discrimination against whites and 13% who see it against Jews”.

Comparing Trumps ratings to some past President, his rating is outstandingly the lowest.

December 2008 President Barrack Obama received more then 72% approve rating, while President George W. Bush got 50% in January 2001 just at the start of a disputed election, President  Bill Clinton got 62% in January 1993 and president H.W Bush 65% in march 1989.

CBC News has recently commented that “Nearly two-thirds think Trump is reckless and has poor judgment and 68 percent said he is hard to like. Just under a third said Trump is well-qualified to serve as commander in chief”.

Trump cabinet picks have also received a very low mark with only 40% .



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