Donald Trump delivers a speech on tax reform at Sheffer Corporation in Blue Ash, Ohio, on February 5, 2018 Barry Stranglehold - Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump on Monday accused Democrats of “betrayal” for not having applauded or smiled during his speech on the State of the Union before Congress last week, and predicted a good result for Republicans in the legislative elections for November.

During a visit to a factory in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump lashed out at the opposition party for the impassive reaction in his address to Congress last Tuesday, and denounced that the Democratic leadership probably instructed its legislators to “not do even a facial movement. “

“They had the face of the dead and acted in an anti-American way. Someone said that in a ‘treacherous’ way. And yes, I suppose, why not? Can we call it betrayal? Why not? “Said Trump.

“It certainly did not seem like they supported our country very much, it’s very, very sad,” he added.

The president denounced that the Democrats did not react even when he cited the decrease in unemployment levels of African-Americans and Hispanics in the United States.

“They would prefer that Trump harm himself before our country did well. It is very sad, “said one official.

Shortly after Trump concluded his speech, the leader of the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, reacted to his statements from the official Twitter account.

“All Americans should be alarmed at what @realDonaldTrump is doing to make loyalty to him synonymous with loyalty to our country. This is not how democracy works, “Pelosi wrote.

Trump took advantage of his visit to Ohio to call his supporters to go to the polls in the November legislative elections, in order to prevent Republicans from losing control of either of the two houses of Congress.

“I think we will do well in (November) 2018. They (the Democrats) have turned a lot to the left. They want to raise taxes, “said Trump to those attending the event.

“History is not on our side,” Trump acknowledged, assuring that, traditionally, the voters of the party that has won the presidency in the previous elections “become complacent” and reduce their participation in the following legislative elections, which benefits to the opposition.

“But I have the feeling that we will do well in 2018. We want to do great in 2018 and really good in 2020,” added Trump, referring to the date on which he will seek re-election.

The president also defended during the act the results of the fiscal reform signed in December, but did not mention the heavy losses recorded on Monday on Wall Street, where the Industrial Dow Jones fell 4.62% at the end.


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