Airforce One image by AP-Archives

President-elect Donald Trump announced on Tuesday the need to cancel an order to fabricate a new model of “Air Force One” which he claims would cost more than $ 4 billion.

This is a Boeing 747, the model that has been used to serve the President of the United States and has special security measures and sophisticated equipment.

Trump made the announcement in a message on the twitter network, and said “costs associated with the new Air Force One program are out of control.” “Let the order be canceled!” He added in his message.

He reaffirmed the idea in brief remarks to reporters at Trump Tower, in a rare appearance of the president-elect before the reporters who have been squatting in that place for several weeks.

“The plane is totally out of control”, he reiterated, and said “the cost is ridiculous.” “We want Boeing to make a lot of money, but not so much,” Trump said.

Boeing has been serving US presidents for more than half a century with its 747 Air Force One models. Now the idea is for the 747-8 to replace the 747-200 which is currently in service.

The US Presidency currently has two units of the 747-200.

It is not known if the contracts that were signed for the manufacture of the new presidential plane have any hidden penalties applied in the event that the order is canceled.

The new model, among other advantages, has a flying range of 1,000 miles more than the 747-200, and its size is 250 feet long, compared to 231 feet of the current model.

There have been no reactions from Boeing yet, but the firm’s shares were down 0.8% at the beginning of today’s session on Wall Street.


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