President Donald Trump poses with his son Eric, his daughter Ivanka, his grandson Donald Trump III, his wife Melania, his granddaughter Kai Trump, Donald Trump Junior, and their daughter Tiffany. Image by David Carter - CTN News

Donald Trump’s escapes to Florida, his children travels around the world and the first lady’s residence in New York raise bills to unusual levels and complicate the work of the US Secret Service, is the public’s outcry.

This is the third consecutive weekend that Trump is spending at his luxurious private club in Palm Beach, which he has already christened “The White Winter House.”

To the expenses of his displacement – and that of his security suite – from Washington, are added those of the first lady, Melania, who has traveled from New York the three weekends to accompany her husband in Florida.

The first lady has broken with tradition by not immediately moving to the White House and stayed in her luxurious Trump Tower penthouse in Manhattan while her only son, Barron, finishes the school year.

The Secret Service, which is responsible for the security of the president and his family, is thus faced with the challenge of guarding the Trump’s in various residences, states and even continents at the same time.

Trump’s two adult sons, whom he apparently transferred control of his business conglomerate, traveled this weekend to the United Arab Emirates for the opening of a brand new TRUMP golf course.

Since January, Donald Jr. and Eric have traveled to Uruguay, the Dominican Republic and the United Arab Emirates, and are scheduled to attend the opening of a Trump skyscraper in Vancouver, Canada, on the 28th of this month.

Eric’s trip to the touristy Punta del Este (Uruguay) to promote the Trump brand in early January cost US taxpayers $ 97,830, according to bills accessed by The Washington Post.

Although it was a business trip, the security of the young man, being part of the family of the president, falls under the Secret Service, that is, the treasury.

The hotel rooms of the agents – for two nights – cost a total of $ 88,320, while those of the US embassy staff displaced to support the security deployment totaled $ 9,510 more.

The expenses are adding up with  the weekend getaways of Trump to Florida.

It is estimated that each trip of the president to the luxurious Mar-a-Lago costs about $ 3.6 million, so the three that he has already made would exceed $ 10 million.

These are the calculations made by the Post and Politico based on data from a comparable trip of former President Barack Obama (2009-2017) in 2013 from Washington to Palm Beach for four days, with an intermediate stop in Chicago to give a speech .

The costs of that trip are documented in a report from the US comptroller’s office prepared in 2016 at the request of Republican Senator John Barrasso.

Trump was for years one of the biggest critics of Obama’s travels, but analysts point out that, at this rate, his bill will far exceed that of his predecessor.

The conservative group Judicial Watch estimates that Obama’s travel expenses totaled 97 million in eight years.

Given the bill for Trump’s first weeks in the White House, only four years in office could shed “hundreds of millions of dollars more” in travel, according to estimates by the Post.

But Trump is not only haunted by the criticism he made of Obama for his travels, but also the promise he made to the Hill in 2015: he would only leave the White House “rarely” because “there is a lot of work what to do”.

However, he has spent ONLY TWO of his first FIVE weekends in the presidential residence.

In addition, press reports circulate that he plans to spend at least 10 weekends a year at his golf club in New Jersey.

When CTN News asks his spokesmen about the President’s travels, they say “Trump is also working wherever he is”, a message reminiscent of that quote commonly attributed to former First Lady Nancy Reagan (1981-1989): “Presidents do not take vacations , Only change of scenery “.


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