The massacre in Florida, Trump considers the idea of ​​Arming Teachers Google Images Labeled for reuse.

America is facing some dark times lately. The people are scared, there are ghosts between them, innocent ghosts who wonder the schools, streets and most importantly, Politics.

US President Donald Trump, during the White House meeting with survivors of the Parkland School attack, seems willing to consider the idea that teachers may, in the face of a law, carry arms. “We will analyze it carefully,” Trump said. – I understand that is a controversial hypothesis, we are here to hear. “

Hundreds of Parkland’s “Marjory Stoneman Douglas” high school students gathered on Wednesday in Florida’s capital, Tallahasi, to put pressure on lawmakers to adopt tougher arms control laws. The rally comes just a week after one of the deadliest attacks in US schools.

An armed person killed 17 people at Parkland School, causing a wave of student protests not only in Tallahasi. Teachers and lawmakers of the state of Florida democrat Sean Shah joined the students in the capital.

“We had a chance to do something and did not do it,” the Democratic lawmaker said about a vote of the Florida lower state legislature, ignoring a draft law requiring the prohibition of selling offensive weapons. “That’s why you’re here. Go and ask to act! This is for you, this is not for us, “he said.

The event a few days ago has also sparked a wave of rallies in various Florida cities, but also in other states, in an effort to force local and national leaders to take action to prevent such attacks.

According to police, shooting suspect Nicholas Cruz has admitted having killed 14 students and three adults in high school from which he was deported a year ago. He was able to buy an AR-15 rifle even after a check on the past was carried out against him.

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