Trump Tower Sexual Harassment Google Images Labeled for reuse

President United States has fired back at women and denying the accusations blaming him of sexual misconduct. 

The president denied the accusation of a woman’s account of an incident that took place back in 2006 in the elevator of the Trump Tower.

The woman said that the then real estate tycoon kissed her forcibly. Trump said right out that it never happened and denied knowing the woman or ever meeting her.

The woman in question Rachel Crooks came forward in 2016 a year later after an interview from 2005 got leaked out, in which Trump proudly boasted of sexually assaulting women.

Crooks described the incident stating that Trump kissed her cheeks and then forcibly on the mouth. Crooks was 22 years old at that time and was working in a real estate firm as a receptionist in the Trump Tower.

Crooks has alleged that Trump kissed her directly on the mouth as she introduced herself to him. Her sister Brianne Webb also corroborated the story, saying that her sister called her about the incident right after she got back to her desk.

She said that I first asked, if he had maybe missed trying a kiss on the cheek, but Crooks denied saying no, he kissed her directly which was clearly not normal.

After the publication of a Washington Post feature, Trump completely denied the incident. The feature gave a detailed account of Crooks’ efforts to bring attention to her allegations and accusation of sexual assault and harassment against Trump.

Trump merely called it another false accusation.

He said that “the women, were coming up with these accusation , were taking money to make up false stories about me”.

In December, The Hill a Washington newspaper reported that “the attorneys of some of the accusers had arranged for the donors to pay the security, legal, along with other expenses, that included paying the woman’s mortgage”. Crooks is currently running for state representative in Ohio as a Democrat.

Anderson Cooper during the second presidential debate had asked Trump right off if he had actually kissed or groped women without their consent, to which Trump responded by saying that “nobody has more respect for women then me”.

When Cooper urged him, asking if he had ever done any of it, Trump denied saying that “I had not”.

So far the President has kept on repeating the same thing over and over again whenever he is asked the question saying he “didn’t do it”.


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