Trump face-to-face with North Korean leader - Its on baby.

After the historic summit between the two Korea’s, President Donald Trump prepares the crucial face-to-face with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. 

A meeting on the razor’s edge where Washington plays its prestige, and the Pyongyang regime, its survival. 

Scheduled for early June – “in the next three or four weeks,”

Trump himself said at a rally in Washington, Michigan – the goal of the White House is to achieve the denuclearization of North Korea. For this, Trump has imposed a strategy of maximum pressure, but leaving behind a key issue: the violation of human rights in a country subjected to a suffocating hereditary tyranny.

Democracy is not what matters. 

Neither the military intervention in Syria sought a fairer political system, nor the siege of Pyongyang is aimed at bringing down the darkest tyranny on the planet. 

In Trump’s game, the benefit comes first. 

If the Supreme Leader, son and grandson of dictators, executor of his uncle and poisoner of his half brother, guarantees the destruction of his entire nuclear arsenal, the president of the United States would be considered victorious.

“The lack of democracy in North Korea does not directly threaten the United States. Now, have nuclear weapons, yes. Leadership is effective when it prioritizes and confronts threats one by one, “explains Jonathan Schanzer, vice president of the conservative think tank Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

It is the doctrine of America First applied to foreign policy. 

It will intervene for their own benefit, not ideology. “For me, America will always be in first place. But we do not want to impose our way of life; We do not seek territorial expansion, we do not intend that all countries share the same vocations. […] We look for results, not ideology. 

It is realism, “the president said in his first speech before the UN.

This withdrawal represents a guarantee for its rivals. 

Nobody has to fear the clash with the United States because of a political issue.


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