Mary Jude Smith cheers on Donald Trump as his convoy passed on Southern Boulevard In Florida. Janis Weaver, Conspiracy Talk News.

FLORIDA (Conspiracy Talk News) – The president of the United States, Donald Trump, wrote on Thursday that the east coast of the country “could use a little of that global warming”, before a cold wave that is expected to sweep much of the country this weekend.

Trump wrote on Twitter: “In the east, it could be the coldest New Year’s Eve of the record.” He added: “Maybe we could use a little of that old global warming by which our country, but not the others, was going to pay billions of dollars to protect us from it. Open up! “

The president did not recognise the difference between weather and climate. Weather refers to weather conditions for a short period, while the other is a more extensive picture of weather patterns.

Trump has repeatedly expressed scepticism about the science of climate change, and said that global warming is a “farce” that the Chinese created to harm American industries.

At the beginning of the year, he announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement that aims to stop the production of greenhouse gases. The pact set targets to slow the pace of global warming by reducing emissions that contribute to the melting of Arctic ice, which increases sea levels and changes weather patterns around the world.

The United Nations meteorological and climatic agency indicated last month that 2017 was on track to be the warmest year recorded, except for those affected by the El Niño phenomenon, which may contribute to the increase in temperatures.

Last year it set a new global average temperature record.

In an interview on Thursday with The New York Times at his golf club in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump said he believes that special investigator Robert Mueller “is going to be fair,” referring to Mueller’s research on interference with Russians in last year’s presidential elections in the United States and alleged ties between collaborators of the Trump campaign and Russia.

The president said that “everyone knows” that his team did not conspire with Moscow and insisted that the “real stories” affect the Democrats and their relationship with Russia during the campaign. Trump also told the newspaper that he is not worried about the uncertainty about when Mueller’s investigation could end.

The investigation, he said, makes the United States “look very bad and puts the country in a very bad position.”

“So, the sooner it is resolved, the better for the country.”


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