Trump Hits Arch Rival Hillary Clinton With A Golf Ball

U.S. President Trump continued with his Twitter shenanigans yet again when in Early Sundy tweets he decided to target his arch rival with a retweet from his fan. The short tweet had a gif showing Trump hitting Clinton with a Golf Ball which hit her on the back while she was boarding a plane and made her fall forward.

Shame !

Being a President, Trump continues to redefine boundaries with his outrageous tweets against his rivals and just about anyone who speaks against him.

U.S. President Promotes Violence Against Women

Hillary Clinton, the one woman who stood against the President is an honorable Secretary of state, a two times U.S. Senator and the former First Lady.

While some may pass this twitter activity as a normal thing that Trump does, it is much more than that. Crossing another line with this tweet, he is somehow giving away the message that violence against women is okay.

However, it is not.

Since his Presidential election victory in mid of 2015, Trump has flummoxed everyone with his racist and purely dumb tweets.

In the current scenario where the ex-pharma bro has been put behind bars for declaring bounty on Hillary’s hair strand, this retweet from the President is far from funny or humorous.

When the President himself revels in tweets that spread violence against women, it becomes dangerous to think how he’ll lead the biggest economy of the world.

Is this the message he is trying to give to the masses?

As long as she is a woman and your rival on top of that, just hit her man. Or perhaps this pro-trump tweet suggests how our President dear likes to boast of his victory.

“Hey Ho! I won and Hilary, you lost. Crooked Hillary fell flat in front of the mighty great Donald Trump.”

Consider this the last straw.

Have you seen the doctored video tweet yet?

Posted originally by Trump fan @Fuctupmind and then retweeted by the President himself, this tweet shows a doctored video where Trump swings his golf stick. In the next frame, we see the ball hitting the then Secretary of State, and throwing her forward while boarding a plane.

The tweet reads, “Donald Trump’s amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary”

Does this in any way seem funny to you?

Fireworks on Twitter

As expected, the retweet gained quite a response from Twitter users. With most of the people condemning the President for his poor judgement and tweeting just about anything to others who took up the underlying issue of violence depicted in the video.

That’s not the whole story, though.

Many Trump fans were laughing from ear to ear and came up in his defence. Suggesting people to get a grip and learn the art of humor, they all stood up in favor of their beloved master.

“Get a sense of freaking humor. Everyone on the LEFT defended stupid Kathy Griffin when she held a “severed” head & said it was comedy!” , wrote one of many Trump Supporters.

“Trump’s a Creep”, Says Hillary Clinton

In her book “What Happened”, Hillary has described the reason for her defeat which includes her gender and how women must have caved to men during voting. Interestingly, she has also openly criticized Trump calling him a creep and a threat to the country.

Trump as usual can’t keep his tongue tied and had to speak on that as well.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and everything) but herself for her election loss. She lost the debates and lost her direction! The ‘deplorables’ came back to haunt Hillary.”, says the tweet Trump posted a day after the book came in stores.

And sadly, this is not the first incident where Trump has used Twitter for such outrageous tweets.

A week back he had shared a gif with a train running over an animated man with a CNN logo as his face.

This just reinforces people’s faith in Trump’s inability to control his misdemeanours.

He has a F*cked-up Mind- Stephen King

“Trump thinks hitting a woman with a golf ball and knocking her down is funny. Myself, I think it indicates a severely f*cked-up mind.”, reads the tweet posted by Stephen King

King who has always been calling Trump a mentally-retarded and sick personality seems to be soaking in the limelight of this horrendous tweet by Mr. President.

While we can’t say much about King and his antics, this time he seems genuinely right.

What is your take on the President and his social media antics?

Since the beginning of his campaign, the President has brought in the big guns to his social media. And now from his office he deals serious issues and still finds time to retweet pro-trump posts from random fans. Maybe trying the #Throwback trend Mr. Trump?

In our views, this particular incident has gone too far to just forget. It’s time for all women of the country to stand up to any man who preaches violence and uses his high stature to spread the heinous message.

Humor aside, are you willing to stand up for your rights even when its the President on the other side?

Share your views with us today.


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