President Donald Trump listens to people who supported the Republican tax reform during an event in the Grand Foyer room of the White House, within Washington, Wednesday, December 14, 2017. James Chamberlain / Conspiracy Talk News Archived Photo

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump, confirmed on Tuesday of imposed “harsh sanctions” on the “dictatorships” of Cuba and Venezuela, within the portion dedicated to foreign policy of his speech on the State of the Union before the US Congress.

“My Government has also imposed harsh sanctions on the communist and socialist dictatorships of Cuba and Venezuela,” Trump said.

The president did not mention other Latin American countries, and thus focused on the two main antagonists of his continent, to which his Government has imposed harsh measures in response to what he considers serious human rights problems.

According to the State Department, the United States has applied “more than 50 economic sanctions” since Trump came to power a year ago on Venezuelan individuals and the country’s financial system.

In Cuba, Trump has hampered US travel and trade with the island, and had a harsh reaction to the alleged sonic attacks” against US diplomats in Havana, leaving his embassy on the island low and expelling 17 Cuban officials from the US, despite doubts about what happened.


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