US President Donald Trump drinks water while delivering a speech on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, at the White House in Washington. Image by CHRIS WICK / CTN NEWS

President, Donald Trump, interrupted on Wednesday a speech he gave at the White House to find a bottle of water, a moment that provoked mockery on social networks for the jokes that he dedicated to Republican Senator Marco Rubio for a similar gesture in 2013 when both were presidential candidates.

Trump’s mockery of Rubio, one of his opponents in the Republican presidential nomination, turned against him as the Internet filled with videos and jokes that commented on the resemblance between the two gestures.

In 2013, Rubio, a senator from Florida and then one of the rising stars within the Republican Party, was in charge of giving the Republican response at the State of the Union speech that then-President Barack Obama (2009-2017) delivered before Congress.

Then, Rubio interrupted his speech and crouched down, almost disappearing from the screen, to drink water from a small bottle.

At that time, Trump mocked Rubio and said on Twitter: “Next time, Marco Rubio should drink water from a glass, instead of a bottle, it would have a much less negative impact.”

Thus, when Trump and Rubio met in the hard campaign of primary Republican Party 2016, the tycoon did not hesitate to mock the senator calling him “little Marco”, at a different rally, Trump grabbed a bottle of water to imitate him, even splashing water towards the public.

Trump’s criticisms of Rubio was the main reason why the president’s gesture received so much attention on social networks.

Trump had appeared at the White House to talk about his Asian tour and, when he had been talking for ten minutes, he stopped, reached down to look for the bottle and, not finding it, whispered: “There is no water”.

Then, someone in the audience told him that the bottle was on the other side of the podium and Trump, at last, was able to drink water.

Immediately, on social networks, videos appeared that recalled Trump Rubio’s mockery during the election campaign, as well as images of the senator’s appearance in 2013 and even short videos of the moment when the president drinks water.

After 15 minutes, Trump went back to drinking more water.

Shortly after Trump finished his speech, Rubio joked on Twitter and felt that the president’s gesture was similar to his, but he needed to improve a bit.

“Similar, but you need to work on the form. It has to be done in a single movement and the eyes should never leave the camera. But it’s not bad for a first time, “he said.

The bottle from which Trump drank water was from the “Fiji” brand, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, although the water comes from the Fiji Islands.

The foreign origin of water has also generated comments on social networks, since Trump has promised to put “United States first” and put the interests of his country above those of any other country.


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