US President Donald Trump, left, and Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang, right, participate in the welcoming ceremony for Trump at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Sunday, November 12, 2017. That same day, Trump exchanged words and teasing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In response to the fact that Pyongyang declared that Trump's speech in South Korea was "reckless assertions of an old lunatic," the president tweeted from Hanoi: "Why would Kim Jong insult me ​​by calling me 'old' when I Would I NEVER call it 'low and fat'?
US President Donald Trump traded ridicule on Sunday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In response to Pyongyang , Kim said that Trump’s speech in South Korea has been “a reckless statements of an old lunatic,” Trump quickly responded by tweeting from Hanoi: “Why would Kim Jong insult me ? by calling me ‘old’ i Would certainly NEVER call him ‘short and fat’? ”

President Trump went even further, he including very sarcastically: “Oh, well, I try so hard to be his friend … and perhaps some day that may happen!”

In his continued touring of Asia, the united states president has worked to get international pressure towards North Korea’s atomic program. Which includes a tough speech he gave on Tuesday at the National Assembly of South Korea, where he boldly said: “Do not underestimate us. And don’t put us to the test … The weaponry they are attaining will not be leading them to any safer place, these are placing your own regime in serious danger. Each and every step North Korea is taking with this dark route, boosts the risk you face. ”

Kim’s administration reacted on Saturday by passing the buck to Trump, for trying to attempt to demonize North Korea, trying to keep it separated from the international community as well as undermining it’s government.

“The reckless assertions of an old lunatic such as Trump, won’t ever scare us or even stop our own progress,” the North Korean Foreign Ministry said plainly and clearly in a statement. ” the exact opposite will happen, all of this provides us with a lot more guarantee and encouragement that having decided to develop our economic while at the same time building our atomic force are areas much more warranted, and also stimulates us to speed up the efforts to finish our nuclear plan.”

Since September 15th, North Korea has not been seen testing any kind of it’s missiles or nuclear equipment, a relative quiet has been observed following a number of rapid tests a few months ago.


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