Trump nominates Brad Parscale as campaign chef for 2020 elections Google Images Labeled for reuse

US President Donald Trump has chosen one of his political strategists Brad Parscale, as campaign manager for 2020.

Trump organization employed Brad Parscale in 2011 as a “guru” of the digital world. In 2015 he created a website for the White House and a year later became the digital director of the Trump campaign.

The election of Trump, is thought to be the earliest of all the other USA presidents, based on the time he has declared his elections campaign.

It takes 979 days to go through the 2020 elections. President Barack Obama announced his re-election plans 582 days before the 2012 vote.

Why Parscale?

President’s son, Eric Trump, in a press conference on Tuesday said that: “Brad is an extraordinary talent and was very important for our success in 2016. He has full trust of our family and is the perfect person to lead the campaign”.

According to Trump’s adviser, Jared Kushner: “Brad was essential in bringing a new approach in data technology, on how the 2016 campaign was held. His leadership and expertise will help us design a better campaign”.

Is Parscale involved in Russia investigation?

Parscale, 42 years old, from San Antonio, Texas is being a target of the democrats which are investigating the supposed Russian intervention in the American elections.

For this case, last year, he was privately interviewed by the investigation of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Parscale said he wasn’t aware of the Kremlin’s alleged plot to influence the campaign in favor of Trump.

Last July, he declared: “I am not aware of any Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential Campaign or any digital operations”.

What was Parscale role in 2016?

Last year in the CBS 60 Minutes program, Parscale admitted that his digital team created up to 60,000 Facebook ads to reach Trump supporters every day.

Later he said that Trump had criticized him because he was very skeptical about spending digital ads. “I don’t believe in these mumbo-jumbo digital things”, was all he had said.

According to US media, Trump paid the digital “guru” firm of Giles-Parscale 94 million dollars, for the work done in those elections.



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