A poster announces the Trump International Golf Club at the Dubai Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017 Adari Ruha - CTN News

Advertising posters of the Trump brand sparkle in Dubai, where the economic empire of this entrepreneur-turned-president launches a golf course, his first overseas operation since his presidential election.

The Trump International Golf Club, which was developed by DAMAC’s luxury real estate company in Dubai, will be opened with great pomp on Saturday night in the presence of the sons of US President, Eric and Donald Jr, although according to organizers, the ceremony will be held without Cameras and selected guests will be thoroughly checked before entering.

It will be an “emblematic” place for golf fans, says DAMAC’s invitation.

This is the first overseas operation of the Trump Organization since he ceded the management of the empire to his children before arriving at the White House on January 20.

The project was launched before the US election and Trump said he would “shy away from running his business to win the election”, but questions remain about potential conflicts of interest, prompting a lawsuit in New York .

US presidents are not required by law to give up other economic activities, which has not freed them from criticism.

The Trump Organization, which owns luxury buildings and golf courses in the United States and other countries such as Turkey and South Korea, has announced that it will waive any new investment operations abroad.

Prior to his inauguration, Trump had stated that he would resign from a new $ 2 billion project in Dubai associated with DAMAC.

The president of this real estate company, Hussain Sajwani, with a fortune estimated at $ 3.2 billion according to Forbes, has been sharing business with Donald Trump for a long time.

In that period, a Dubai firm specializing in interior decoration with subsidiaries in Asia and Africa banned Trump’s products for lack of “respect for the feelings of Muslims.”

But DAMAC had maintained the golf club project and did not react to incendiary statements.

The works for the 18-hole course designed by Gil Hanse an architect who conceived the Olympics last year, are finished.

The United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a member, are not on the list of seven Muslim majority countries whose nationals are banned from entering the United States by a decree of President Donald Trump, despite having been blocked by US courts.

The numerous golf courses in Dubai, luxury tourism, commerce and entertainment business, which attracts more and more tourists, with a record of about $ 15 million in 2016


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