The number of protesters at the John F. Kennedy International Airport keep growing after the news of two Iraqi refugees being detained at the airport came to light as the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s executive order which is to ban more than 130 million people from the United States and to deny entry to all refugees as an ‘anti-terrorism’ measure .

According to advocates about 100-200 travelers from Muslim-majority countries were being held at various airports in and around the U.S. as a result of this order. The detentions set forth protests outside several international airports, including John F. Kennedy Airport, New York and Dulles Airport, Washington.

U.S. District Court Judge Ann Donnelly, an appointee of President Barack Obama, issued an injunction over the government’s objection in an emergency hearing Saturday night. During the court session, the judge indicated that it was difficult to see the harm in allowing these newly arrived immigrants to stay in the US since they were just being routinely admitted just a few days ago.

She went on to say, “If they had come in two days ago, we wouldn’t be here, am I right? … These are all people who have been through a vetting process, Explain to me how these petitioners won’t suffer irreparable damage if I don’t grant this stay?”

Donnelly is one of the few judges who is actively working to help the individuals. Two other judges also opposed the implementation of Trump’s executive order Saturday night. A federal judge in Alexandria, Va., issued an order barring the deportation of all green card holders being detained at Dulles Airport for 7 days.

“Department of Homeland Security officials are refusing to allow lawyers to talk with the detained people, who are legal permanent residents, even though the judge’s order requires the government to permit lawyer access,” one of the attorneys involved, Andrew Pincus said.

Resistance to Trump’s Order

The executive order has led to spontaneous protests as hundreds of protestors have gathered at major airports from throughout the country to demonstrate their opposition to Trump’s policy.

The protests began at Terminal 4 of the New York airport after immigration authorities there detained refugees who were already in transit when Trump ordered the four-month hold on allowing refugees into the country, CBS News and Al Jazeera reported.

In San Francisco International Airport, Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and president of Alphabet Inc., also joined protesters at the there, Verge reported. Brin told Verge he was attending “in a personal capacity” and would not be giving comment.


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