In this archive photo of October 2, 2016, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signs the victory after voting in a referendum to decide whether or not he supported the peace agreement he signed with the rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia Davis Arkets CTN News Photo

US President Donald Trump on Saturday invited his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos to meet him at the White House soon.

Amidst the prospect of future bilateral relations between the United States and Latin America, Santos held a 25-minute telephone conversation with the US president that seemed to confirm that Colombia remains an important ally of the country.

Trump “extended his invitation to the White House to talk and strengthen ties between our governments,” Santos wrote in his Twitter account after the conversation.

He also stated that:

He described the conversation as “productive” and said that Trump “expressed support for peace” and a desire to “maintain the best relations with Colombia.”

In different sectors Colombian uncertainty still hold high to the new American government, after the radical announcements that Trump has made against Mexico in the past, saying that he will force the Mexicans To finance a wall between the two countries.

The Colombian government is confident that Trump will ratify the promise of his predecessor, Barack Obama, and push the US Congress to approve the $ 450 million disbursement to give life to the “Peace Colombia” program, a renewed phase of the so-called “Plan Colombia “aimed at financing the process of disappearance of the FARC.

That money will be fundamental to start the process of pacification that began from the end of last year with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and tries to put an end to a war of half a century in the South American nation.

In this regard, Santos wrote in his micro-blog that Trump “is very interested” in helping the Legislature approve “Peace Colombia”.

For years, the United States delivered billions of dollars to combat violence and drug trafficking. The fight against the latter, to the satisfaction of the Colombian government, is a major concern of Trump and his government team.

Santos did not specify the date of his personal meeting with the president of the United States.


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