Mr. Trump tosses paper rolls in a chapel within Guaynabo, in his stop by at Puerto Rico on Oct. 3. Evan Vucci AP

Once i spotted the US President Trump tossing those Paper towels to the devastated sufferers connected with Hurricane Maria on his stop by to Puerto Rico – as though he had been some kinda rock star throwing t-shirts towards the audience in a live concert – brought to mind the late Venezuelan populist Leader Hugo Chávez .

That is just what Chavez has done in the past and all sorts of populist commanders do.

They’re put into the middle of the scene or crowd and then they pretend the folks in need are getting things because of them, and never because of a responsibility from the state to take care of the people in time of need.

Trump Toots His Own Horn

Why is it that President Trump cant think things through and always seems to exaggerates his own achievements?.

However, just like Mr. Chavez, Mr. Trump is definitely an incompetent president that continuously boasts of all these great accomplishments he made, in fact, these are pretty much a complete fiasco.

Fourteen days following Hurricane Maria devastating this tropical isle on Sept 20, the majority of Puerto Rico still continues to be with NO electrical power, and 1 / 2 of the region is actually with no safe and clean drinking water.

Expanding Concern For Deadly Outbreaks

Trump’s reaction to Hurricane Maria ended up being late, slow-moving, as well as substandard, to say the least.

Trump stopped in Puerto Rico pretty much a couple weeks following the hurricane hitting the region, way later then it took him to visit Texas as well as Florida after being hit by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

It had been only after a strong influx of mass media complaints, as well as general public memory joggers coming from Hillary Clinton and many other political figures, that Puerto Ricans are US Citizens, only then did the White House timetabled the presidential stop by at this tropical isle by Oct 3.

With the first couple of days after the hurricane found its way to Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump published only a single a tweet regarding the island’s catastrophe, informing Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rossello, “We are with you.”

Over the past weekend that followed, since the isle frantically searched for any-kind of aid, Trump instead ignores the pleading as he focused on more important issues publishing 17 twitter posts demeaning National football league football players stand  for the national anthem. NOT A PEEP in regards to the devastation inside Puerto Rico.

Superstars Plead with Trump To Help

Vocalist Marc Anthony tweeted on Sept 25, “Mr. President, end the [insult] NFL issue. Do something for our needy people in Puerto Rico. We are also US citizens. “

Eventually, superstars such as Pitbull, Ricky Martin and also Luis Fonsi routed their own airplanes packed with supplies towards Puerto Rico (so far as I am aware, there wasn’t any comparable shipment from this Trump Group or even the Trump family members).

Can You Say Cheep

When Trump finally was pushed to grasp what it’s all about, one of his very first twitter updates about the hurricane has been a critique of Puerto Rico, saying that the island’s debt to Wall Street banks “should be addressed.” While the hospitals in Puerto Rico were in the dark, Trump was talking about collecting the debts of the Wall Street banks.

He Suspend the Jones Act 

Within the legislation of 1920, that has long choked the overall economy of the tropical isle, international vessels coming from United states ports can’t proceed to the island.

Trump in addition failed to send out sufficient members of the military to assist in repairing roadways plus bridges, when Edwin Melendez, overseer with the Center for Puerto Rican Studies in Hunter College in The Big Apple, informed Conspiracy Talk News a week ago.

When Mr. Trump eventually went to Puerto Rico on Tuesday, he once again belittled Puerto Ricans because of their financial disaster. Also, he needed to make public, that his dealing with the disaster had been a amazing success.

Noticing to date there were just 16 fatalities derived from Hurricane Maria – in reality, later, Governor Rossello declared that the death toll has increased to 34 – Trump stated “if you look at a real catastrophe such as Hurricane Katrina, “Puerto Ricans ought to be” very proud. “

No, hurling paper towel rolls towards the crowd like Hugo Chavez – wasn’t the most detrimental thing that Trump does or did within Puerto Rico.

The scariest thing or worst he did is to respond far too late, as being condescendingly towards the humanitarian crisis regarding Puerto Rico.


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