Trump and Putin’s Phone call

Trump and Putin’s phone call will initiate a discussion to build positive relations with each other after 3 long years of disaffiliation ignited by Ukraine conflicts.

The phone call has been scheduled for this Saturday. This would be the first conversation between the two dignitaries since Trump won the Presidential seat.

Trump never forgot to mention that he wants to have better relations with Russia at least better than what his predecessors had.

Trump is also reconsidering US decision of imposing sanctions on Russia in 2014 for the annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula. All Trump needs is a little support from Kremlin to fight against terrorism.

When asked about this, Russian foreign minister, Dmitry Peskov responded

This is the first telephone contact since President Trump took office, so one should hardly expect that this phone call will involve substantive discussions across the whole range of issues. We’ll see, let’s be patient.

But this step of Trump would garner a lot of Controversies from within the country and from International leaders too. Angela Merkel stands responsible for one such criticism.

As per her, sanctions should be removed only when they are confirmed that Moscow would comply with prescribed conditions for West Ukraine.

For that matter, Trump is also going to talk to Merkel on phone that very day. This call would primarily be made with the focus to discuss Russian and its issues with the US.

While this is not only Trump who wants to reconcile the US-Russian relations but Putin has also made efforts in the same direction.

Putin congratulated the US President for winning the Elections and showed his inclination towards building positive relations. This was the last time they both had a talk on the phone.

Trump is already under allegations that he got elected for the post of President with the help of Russian espionage which he totally denies. Also, certain internal leaders consider Russia a threat to US security which makes Trump’s easy attitude towards it unacceptable.

Both of these personalities have not met before in person.However, they have always shown a desire to maintain positive relations with each other.

Putin’s statement at a recent Conference showed his eagerness for better liaison.

Mr Trump …. said he believes it’s right to normalise Russian-American ties and said it definitely won’t be any worse because it couldn’t be worse. I agree with him. Together we’ll think about how to improve things.

A reason for Putin’s attitude his that he would be standing for the elections next year and he wants Russian economy to flourish.

The Russian economy has become lethargic, and the only source to lift it up would be stimulating Western Investment that would be possible only when the US removes the 2014 sanctions. This would promote growth and also Putin’s chances to win.


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