President Trump at the White House on June 5, 2017

US President Donald Trump on Twitter reinforced his attacks upon London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Monday, saying his explanations for calling for calm after Saturday’s attacks were a “pathetic excuse.”

“Pathetic Excuse for a London Mayor Sadiq Khan that had to think swiftly right after his affirmation on ‘There isn’t any cause for alarm’,” wrote Trump, who had earlier criticized this London leader for his calls to remain calm.

In his message, Trump added that the common press carries a “hard task to sell” in advance of that variation.

In fact, Trump had already removed from context the phrase of Khan, who was making reference to a reinforcement of police surveillance.

Nevertheless, Trump translated that Khan was underestimating the seriousness from the threat of brand new attacks.

All round, Trump’s message within the Twitter community following Saturday’s attacks in central London was greatly criticized by the United states press.

Particularly because Trump took advantage of the turmoil from the attacks to defend its questioned decree that closes the doors of the united states to immigrants and refugees of a group of international locations of Muslim majority.

This Monday, Trump mentioned on Twitter that “lawyers and courts can call it what they really want, having said that i call it as we need it to be called and just what it really is, a PROHIBITION OF TRAVEL”.


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