President-elect Donald Trump responded to North Korea’s threats on Twitter on Monday and said the Pyongyang regime would not develop a nuclear weapon that could endanger US security.

El presidente electo Donald Trump.

President-elect Donald Trump image by Carolyn Kaster AP

Trump reacted well to the New Year’s speech given yesterday by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who announced that “North Korea is making preparations to launch another intercontinental ballistic missile, underscoring once again Pyongyang’s commitment to its nuclear program and missiles”.

“North Korea has just stated that it is in the final stage of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the United States. It will not happen! “, Said Trump on Twitter.

During the campaign, Trump called Kim “maniac”, but did not clarify if that description was completely negative because, afterwards, he said that the North Korean leader had to be given credit.

The hermetic Stalinist country has previously launched six intercontinental ballistic missiles on six occasions, claiming that it employs orbiting observation satellites.

However, the Pyongyang trials fall within their goal of achieving accurate and far-reaching missiles and small enough nuclear weapons to equip them.


“If this goal is reached, which seems closer and closer, according to experts, North Korea would have atomic weapons to reach US territory and could use it as a deterrent to ensure the survival of the regime.” said Trump

For decades, one of Pyongyang’s discomforts has been joint military exercises conducted annually by South Korea and the United States, several as a legacy of the Korean War (1950-53), which ended with an old and outdated definitive peace treaty, officials stated.

Do you think North Korea can develop a nuclear weapon that reaches the United States?


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