President Donald Trump will return to his private residence in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago, where he plans to receive his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in April, local media reported.

“On Friday, the president will travel to Mar-a-Lago for the weekend,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer said at his daily press conference.

Spicer declined to confirm reports that Trump plans to host President Xi in April at his Mar-a-Lago hotel complex, where he has already played golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe .

This week’s visit to Mar-a-Lago, or as he calls it, “White House Winter,” will be Trump’s fifth since taking office as president on January 20.

The president’s constant escapades to his Mar-a-Lago mansion have sparked controversy, and in fact, eight Democratic senators have asked Trump to make public the records of visitors arriving at the White House, as well as those who come to his private residence in Mar-a-Lago.

The Democratic senators supported the policy of transparency in this respect of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who ordered that both the White House and the Secret Service made those records public between 90 and 120 days after they took place .


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