Trump Is More Concerned About Russia Than The Recent Florida Shooting. Photo Google Images, Labeled for reuse

Trump has not been saying much about the recent Florida shootings, but he has been getting angry over Russia, which is ironic, because the recent shootings killed as many as 17 students and injured many others as well.

All blame is on Russia, said President, pointing out that the FBI has been fixated on the Russian investigation and was responsible for not focusing their energies or efforts for preventing the Florida high school attack. He also did not mention much about the increasingly popular gun control debate or the shooting in Florida, while the President remained in Florida at that time.

Trump’s aggression towards Russia has escalated especially after Robert Mueller revealed on Friday that as many as 13 Russians have been charged with a plot and agenda to interfere in the United States presidential elections.

The massive Florida shooting left America in a state of shock and people are already currently mourning it. And the President of the United States has now come under scrutiny for not paying heed to the actual matter, staying clear and away from it but talking about other things that have affected him directly.

However, he did visit the Florida community and discussed the killing that left 17 students dead. He also proposed and talked about gun control but it wasn’t substantive enough to make a nice impression. Though on Friday he met with the victims of the shooting, his Twitter was filled with rants of Russia instead, which left a lot of people confused and agonized.

He also mentioned the fact that the FBI was tipped a month before that a man had a desire to conduct a school shooting and had a desire to kill. The FBI was also informed that the man had access to guns and could easily be thinking of carrying out an attack. The agencies, Trump said, failed to go deeper in the matter. The shooting, therefore, he hinted, could have been prevented but the FBI did not react on it as it was busy probing into Russia.

After rants on Twitter about the FBI and Russia, Trump then decided to mention something about the shootings. He paid a tribute to the victims and thanked them for their courage.

It seems as if the President is more concerned about matters that are on the sidelines rather than those that are more current and need a high amount of attention.


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