Trump And Russia - Photo Google Images, Labeled for reuse.

The war in Syria and the invasion that Russia made in some parts of Ukraine, have made the already traditional struggle between Washington and Moscow even more tense.

But, even though the closeness of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is questioned – to the point that the intelligence agencies claimed that the election campaign was “hacked” by Russia – it could still mean a restoration of relations between the two countries.

That possible alliance could happen directly as a result of these negative terms, and it could also be used by Trump to achieve diplomatic objectives favourable for the country and for the world . 

If Trump has such a good relationship with Putin, the war in Syria – which already has caused more than 310 deaths – would have a new chapter in which an agreement may be reached.

“The president is not at the wheel of the U.S.-Russian relationship,” said Mark Simakovsk.

I think the Russians are clearly confused,” said Atlantic Council rep Simakovsky.

“The Trump administration’s unfocused foreign policy is the result of amateurs at the head of the executive branch and State Department” stated Dan Caldwell.


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