Trump received his Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos, at the White House on May 18, 2017. Terry Howard – Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – A call that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos made in early September to his US counterpart Donald Trump to show solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas ended in a tense conversation between the two leaders.

The Washington Post revealed on Tuesday that Trump devoted 24 of the 25 minutes that made up the conversation to discredit the role of Santos in the fight against drugs, for which the US government spent in 2018 $251 million, the figure lower in the last two decades.

This is not the first time that the US president directly criticises the Colombian government for its way of combating drug trafficking.

During Santos’ visit to the White House last May, Trump said he expected his Colombian counterpart to “remedy very quickly” the “alarming trend” of the increase in cocaine distribution and production.

In November, a month and a half after the conversation revealed on Tuesday, Trump threatened to “decertify” Colombia if the country failed to control the increase in illicit crops: the latest report on illicit crops revealed that coca cultivation increased 52 percent, while cocaine production 34 percent.

But the tone of the conversation went beyond criticism and even “Trump made several direct comments against the Colombian president”, a former White House official told the Washington Post.

“We have a disaster in our hands and you care more about the guerrillas than about the American people,” Trump told Santos in that 25-minute talk.

The source added that it was John Kelly himself, White House chief of staff, who “stopped the madness” that relations between Colombia and the United States, allies for decades, were going in opposite directions, and intervened so that Trump might soften the tone against one of its main allies in Latin America.

The Colombian government, which months ago rejected the United States’ threats for not controlling the increase in illicit crops, has not acted on this latest episode.


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