US President Donald Trump attends a meeting on health in the White House Roosevelt Room in Washington, USA, on March 13, 2017 - Conspiracy Talk News

President Donald Trump said Monday that the new health plan proposed by the Republicans will allow Americans to choose the doctors and coverage plans they prefer, and that health insurance costs will begin to fall “in a year or two “.

Trump met in the White House with several “victims” of Obamacare signed in 2010 by his predecessor, Barack Obama, and expressed his frustration because, in his view, “the press is trying to making ‘Obamacare’ ” look good.”

“It’s a bit like what happens with Obama, when he left (White House) people liked him. When he was here, people did not like him so much. It’s how things work, it’s human nature, “Trump said.

The president promised that under the plan proposed by Republicans to repeal and replace “Obamacare,” Americans will be able to “choose the plan they want, whatever doctor they want.”

“They can do a lot of things that the other plan was supposed to give them and never gave them. Remember, they could not choose their doctor, they could not choose their plan, “Trump said, recalling Obama’s unfulfilled promise that if Americans liked his current doctor, they could keep him under health care reform.

Trump said the new law “will unleash the power of the private health market so that insurers can compete,” which will cause “prices to go down, down and down.”

“Greater competition with less regulation will ultimately lower the cost of medical care, and I think it will reduce it very significantly, but unfortunately it is something that takes a while because you have to let the market do its work,” he said.

“It should take us one or two years” to lower those prices for health coverage, he added, who also promised “many medical insurance options” to choose from.

As he has done in the past two weeks, Trump reiterated that Republicans “are putting themselves in a very bad position” politically, because thanks to his replacement of “Obamacare”, “people will not see the devastation that was going to occur In 2017, 2018 and 2019 “under the current health reform.

The Obamacare system was designed to “explode” because Obama is no longer in power, argued Trump, who said that the current system only serves “to make a small number of people happy,” referring to around 20 Millions of Americans it has covered.

Two Lower House committees passed last week’s Republican proposal to repeal Obama’s health care bill, which the White House has defined as the first of a three-phase series to replace the current health care system.


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