Trump said the US should receive immigrants from countries such as Norway. Barry Henrietta / Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – President Donald Trump said on Thursday that the United States should not receive immigrants from “shitty countries” like Haiti, El Salvador or African nations but from others like Norway, local media reported.

According to information published by The Washington Post and the New York Times, citing anonymous sources, Trump used this language in a meeting with Democratic and Republican senators to analyze a proposal for immigration reform that would benefit nationals of those countries.

The same sources said that, with his words, Trump surprised and “alarmed” the legislators present at the meeting.

“Why do we have all those people from those shitty countries coming here?” , said Trump at the meeting, held a day after the president received the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, in Washington.

In a statement, White House spokesman Raj Shah did not deny the words attributed to Trump.

“Permanent solutions”

“While some Washington politicians choose to fight for other countries, the president will always fight for the American people,” the statement said.

“Like other countries have immigration systems based on a meritocratic system, President Trump wants to fight for permanent solutions that make our country stronger , receiving those who can contribute to our society,” the statement said.


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