Donald Trump, speaks with journalists at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach on January 14, 2018. George Helms – Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – The first year of the Donald Trump Show in the White House was marked by scandals, controversy and a polarisation that profoundly transformed the way in which Americans relate to their president.

“Welcome to the studio,” Trump said with a smile as he invited journalists accredited to the White House to enter the Cabinet Room to review his first year as president of the United States.

From January 20th, 2017 the world watches with passion – and also with horror – the remarkable spectacle of the Trump show in the White House. In fact, more than any initiative or any policy, what has captivated and at times disgusted public opinion around the world is the style of his performance.

“Trump’s rhetoric is unlike any other president in modern history,” said Richard Vatz, a professor at Towson University who specialises in the communication of US leaders.

For Vatz, Trump “communicates more frequently and is less concerned about the consequences of his language than any other president of our era.”

From the White House, Trump defined himself as a “very stable genius”, he called “countries “shit-holes” the nations from which many immigrants come to the United States, and he repeatedly lied about practically anything, from his investiture and the actions of his adversaries.

Many American presidents looked for ways to elude the critical press, from the conversations of Franklin Roosevelt to the interviews of Barack Obama with activists of YouTube.

But nothing compares to the extent that Trump goes, being the president, of the social network Twitter.

Since he became president, he has rarely spent a day outside newspaper headlines because of his constant diatribes, criticism and praise on almost any aspect of public life.

His followers admire, above all things, the brutality of his direct and punctual style, while his opponents suffer spasms of anger with the amorality, real or perceived, of each of his comments.

Typical man of show business, in general discusses his ratings and press coverage more than anything else.

In the opinion of Aaron David Miller, a former US negotiator for the Middle East, one of the central problems is that there is a gap between the president’s words and reality as seen by the rest of the world.

“The fundamental question for our allies and adversaries is: How reliable is the president, how credible? Do you really think what you say and say what you think? “Miller said. 

As president, he has already published about 180 times what he considers “false news” and in another 170 about Fox News, the only one that gives him daily glowing and excited praise.

At age 71, he seems at times more comfortable representing on television the role of president than acting effectively as such.

And while most of those who aspire to the presidency seek to go initially to their base and then try to widen their legion of followers, Trump remains true to his original base, apparently not caring how his statements perceive those outside the group support.

According to the White House, the last year was a relentless festival of great legislative achievements and recorded an uninterrupted growth in the financial markets, with record highs on Wall Street after the approval of a tax reform favourable to companies. However, this first year of Trump questions two old convictions that allowed his arrival at the White House: that employers are more competent than bureaucrats and that politicians only seek their own benefit.

In this scenario, the White House spent a good part of last year as a nest of snakes, in which the “globalists” leaked to the press information compromising for the “populists” and vice versa.

The arrival of General John Kelly as chief of staff, and the departure of the controversial Chief Strategist Steve Bannon seem to have put an end to the constant internal war. But the disorder continues, with advisers who appear months after being fired and new layoffs every week.

A recent survey by the Quinnipiac Institute showed that 69% of voters consider Trump not very balanced, and 57% believe he is not prepared to be president.

And yet the Congress, controlled by the Republican Party, has so far guaranteed to limit the political consequences of this scenario, which has allowed the president to continue with his challenging style.

“He refuses to apologize and resorts to his brusque style without excuses,” said Vatz.

That could change if special prosecutor Robert Mueller, investigating an alleged collusion of Trump’s campaign with Russia to affect the election, finds evidence that the president obstructed justice or if the Democrats manage to control Congress with mid-term elections of November.


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