With the worst popularity rating of a US president in seven decades, Donald Trump tries to improve his battered image with his visit these days to Beijing China , which fits into his long tour for Asia.

In need of diplomatic successes to wield his falling public opinion, the magnate has made on Thursday,  a series of multi million-dollar agreements with China that will serve to reduce the high trade deficit of the United States, which last year reached 347,000 million dollars (300,000 million euros).

The White House ensures that these agreements amount to a record of 250,000 million dollars (215,000 million euros), which is precisely the trade deficit that was expected this year with China. But, beyond these big figures for the leaders, the truth is that most of these agreements are memorandum of understanding that could take years to materialize. Or not, because they are also not binding. In view of the exorbitant final amount, it seems that Trump has put his usual spin on it and claims that his delegation has negotiated a miracle deal with Beijing.

As all the delegations that visit China usually do, these summits are used to sign agreements that were signed before, or memorandums are signed and later they are left in the waters of booze, when nobody remembers them after appearing in big headlines.

But it seems that Trump, with his usual megalomania, has propitiated a “miracle”, as defined by the Chinese Minister of Commerce, Zhong Shan.


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