Is the White House really SPOOKY? Archived Photo. Breaking World News

WASHINGTON (World Breaking News) – “Trump, in fact, found the White House a bit irritating, spooky and even creepy … In the early days, he asked for two television screens, in addition to the one already there, and a lock on the door, which led to a brief confrontation with the Secret Service that insisted on having access to the room. “

Anthony Zurcher: “For much of his adult life, Trump has lived by his own rules, adjusting to the White House must have been shocking . “

Ivanka the president

Ivanka Trump , the president’s daughter, and her husband, Jared Kushner , allegedly reached an agreement for her to become the first woman president, according to Wolff:

“They had reached a serious agreement: if at some point in the future the opportunity presented itself, she would be the candidate for president.” The first woman president, Ivanka was excited, would not be Hillary Clinton, but would be Ivanka Trump. who had coined the term ‘Jarvank,’ which is increasingly fashionable in the White House, was horrified when he learned of the agreement of the couple. “

The new political dynasty of the USA: This is the family of Donald Trump

Anthony Zurcher: “The dispute between Bannon and” Jarvanka “was not a secret, and certainly not surprising, in a way for Bannon they represent the elitism and privileges against which he fights.”


  1. I don’t know anything about the White House but i think TRUMP and his family is spooky.. He started this presidential run ONLY to boost the TRUMP brand.. Then he got lucky and a actually won the darn thing.. Go figure!


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