Big names in the industry like Apple, Alphabet, Facebook are invited to be a part of this summit.

Call For Summit: As per a report, the technology summit is expected to take place at Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday, 14th December, 2016.

Companies like Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Cisco and Oracle are also included in the guest list so as to attend the roundtable.

CATZ announced in a statement that he will discuss certain policy issues with President-elect Donald trump.

Whereas, the CEO of Oracle explained that he is planning to inform Trump that all tech executives are ready to help in case of urgency at any course of time. The US technology community has the desired potential in order to become the most competitive industry than ever, only if the President will lessen the regulations, as well as, negotiate better trade and their deals, he added.

It is also being said that Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is expected to accept the invite despite of Trump’s grudge during the presidential campaign.

Numerous prominent tech executives are noticeably missing from the guest list as well as from the list of confirmed attendees.

TRUMP’s Past with Tech Industry:

As we all know!

Trump struggled on a larger level to gain the interests of all the tech executives in Silicon Valley- all due to his suggested crackdowns on immigration.

A number of tech executives in SIlicon Valley worked with the pro-immigration reforms with the advocacy groups, especially those which were technology centric.

Trump has also been under some of the critics of the industry on other issues. For example, he took a contentious stance when favored a boycott of Apple, later the company refused the request in order to unlock an iPhone used by one of the shooters in San Bernardino.

After this, Silicon Valley highlighted all the valid reasons why they believed that Trump would be a bad news for the innovation and the industry.


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