Electoral College Votes - Trump Wins

Donald Trump makes his way to the White House, as the members of the Electoral College cast their votes declaring him the winner!

Trump was declared a winner after the electors from Texas cast their votes. The Results of the votes will be declared officially on January 6, 2017 at a special joint conference session of Congress.

Whereas, Hillary Clinton collected the lead of 3 million-vote and Trump won the state-by-state Electoral College map.

The political dichotomy that sparked the controversies in recent week by the opponents of Trump, did not affect the air in the Electoral College, as a result of which Trump is now officially declared as a President-elect.

It is also said that around 8 Democratic electors attempted to cast their votes against Clinton- four in Washington, plus one each from Minnesota, Hawaii, Colorado and Maine.

But three of the eight who tried to oppose Clinton were later replaced by the state election officials, a question was raised in terms of counting their “Faithless” votes.

Also in Colorado, Micheal Baca- a leader of the anti-Trump Democratic elector was replaced by the Wayne Williams-Republican Secretary of the State on his attempt of faithless vote.

Reportedly, An elector from Minnesota was replaced as well. The elector David Bright from Maine cast his vote for Bernie Sanders at first, and recast it for Clinton, thereafter he was deemed out of the order.

With a total of 7 faithless votes being cast, 5 Democratic electors were replaced by 2 Republicans. It is said that 2016 Electoral College votes Broke a historical record set in 1808, where 6 Democratic- Republicans rejected James Madison.


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