Paul Manafort, the head of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump

The fall of the campaign director of the president, accused of conspiracy against the US, puts the White House in difficulties.

The possible Russian influence in the presidential elections that brought Donald Trump to the White House, far from being diluted over the months, is becoming increasingly clear in what may lead to “one of the biggest political scandals in history.” states CTN News media.

The voluntary surrender to the FBI of one of Trump’s strongmen, Paul Manafort, former director of his campaign, is a qualitative leap of great importance in clarifying the true role played by the Kremlin in his victory.

It also opens the way to understanding some of the foreign policy decisions that Trump has made since his arrival at the White House, especially regarding the personal atonement shown with Vladimir Putin and the special relationship with Russia.

Manafort – and his partner Rick Gates, who has also turned himself in to federal agents – is formally charged with 12 crimes committed as an adviser to then-Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich, an ally of Putin.

But among the charges that weigh against the detainees highlights the conspiracy against the US, that the current president put his election in the hands of a person of these characteristics is, at best, an unfortunate as well as dangerous decision.

But what is really incriminating for President Trump’s presidency is that the accusations are included in the macro-investigation carried out since last May by special prosecutor Robert Mueller to find out if there was any kind of coordination between Moscow and the campaign team of the current president to avoid the victory of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

When those who start falling are his trusted men, Trump can not keep saying that everything is a conspiracy of the left and the media.

The US and its allies await an explanation.


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