Mr . trump surprised everyone with his silence on Twitter during James Comey’s appearance before a Senate commission. However, it was not surprising that his kid Donald Trump Junior did the exact opposite.

However, Trump’s oldest boy, whose Twitter communications are sometimes as attention grabbing as his father’s, acted like a one-person rapid response team during Thursday’s testimony of the fired director of the Federal bureau of investigation.

Trump son unleashed his criticism with the same intensity that made him a highly effective and questionable campaign collaborator, that could be an illustration of his own political ambitions.
Mr . trump son printed a lot more than Eighty tweets Thursday to shield his father as well as lash out at Comey.

Trump Jr.’s Twitter was more than shocking compared with his daddy, who concluded his Twitter fast Friday morning with a message in which he accused Comey of lying under oath.

Trump’s son declined to comment on his tweets on Friday, and this raised a number of questions, which includes whether or not he acted on the request of the White House, which assigned all a reaction to Comey to the Republican National Committee and also the president’s private attorney.

Previously Trumps son showed his motivation to go on the attack in the name of his father.

During last year’s election process, Mr . trump Junior. toured the usa and given hundreds of interviews to Fox News along with a variety of local conservative media.

He criticized “Hillary,” Trump’s derogatory sobriquet towards Hillary Clinton and delivered a speech towards the Republican National Convention which had a good reception.

That moment raised rumors in regards to the political future of that offshoot with the president.

Even so, although Trump Junior not too long ago told The Associated Press he will not seek the position of governor of New York as may be rumored, he left open the possibility of some postulation later.

“Maybe someday,” Trump son said then. “It’s not at all something I am doing now. But you never know, it’s fascinating. “


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