President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arrive at Muniz Air National Guard Base in Carolina, Puerto Rico, on October 3, almost two weeks after Hurricane Maria struck the island. Carolyn Cole TNS

In accordance with studies, over fifty percent of american citizens don’t know that Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

Judging by the way President Donald Trump refers to the Puerto Ricans, it would appear that somebody ought to remind him each morning.

Not at ease with the anguish he triggered in his latest trip to this tropical isle, in which he chosen to toss paper rolls in a community of San Juan just before going to locations most impacted by the devastation brought on by Hurricane Maria.

The united states leader made reference to the supposed “poor management” of political figures as being the primary reason behind this catastrophe.

Also, he mentioned that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) couldn’t stay in Puerto Rico permanently.

His tweets were a type of ultimatum to over three million Americans that are having a terrible time, the majority of them without electrical power or even water and in danger of getting bacterial infections.

It’s a callous over stated claim that you wont hear about the Texans or even Floridians that are even now recuperating from their own hurricane. In areas of southerly Florida, for instance, where Hurricane Irma went passing through, you will still find locations and personnel providing state assistance.

Nevertheless, the president hasn’t tweeted about Florida or Taxes and that help for them must stop as quickly as possible and that it has to be implemented without squandering additional time or even more public money.

The fact is that Trump certainly won’t stroll throughout those afflicted states hurling rolls of paper towards the crowd using body language of a Roman emperor. Nor will Houston or even Florida notify the sufferers that they’ll never get help or do it yourself.

When the president goes to those locations it is obvious that he’s responding to that America which he guaranteed in the electoral marketing campaign that he would restore the greatness that was supposedly lost.

When Trump describes Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans, that patriotic emotion that he thinks shines through him like all those kings and queens who during the past frequented a remote colony to which they didn’t really feel bound or connected with, aside from the ties enforced by mercantile relationships.

Trump leaves a sour taste among quite a few people, his condescending remarks only have elevated a displeasure from the Puerto Rican political class – Trumps administration no longer understands how to convey to the president that his duty is to ensure the well being of ALL the People in america.

Underneath the protective layer of Americans must also be Puerto Ricans living on the island and include the 5 million that live on the continent.

It happens over and over.

After Trump sets loose a tide storm throwing disqualification or even threats, his cabinet leaders or spokespersons hurry to reverse the “misunderstandings” and clear the toxic air which comes from the White House Presidents mouth.

This Administration must make certain that Puerto Ricans will get all of the assistance they require for as long as it takes, just like the remaining portion of the People in the USA.


  1. Why did you become president if you don’t care about your own country’s well being and rude that lady lost part of herself when her husband fell. And as far as I think your king crap saying your most powerful leader on this planet you wish you were 1/2the pres/man that Obama is. Obama please come back and get this idiot out of office before it’s too late!!!

  2. Ps… There is a woman and other people more richer then you. Think about that. No trump Satan won’t take money in trade for your freedom from tortures in hell…


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