Trump announces the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The US president Donald Trump is stirring up tensions in the area by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

The relationship of friendship and alliance of the USA and Israel has been extraordinarily positive for the survival of the Jewish State that was born from the moral ashes of World War II.

But no tenant of the White House had decided to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (as agreed by the Congress in 1995) because of the tensions that this would cause if Jerusalem became the capital of Israel. This city is a sacred places not only of Judaism, but also of Islam and different branches of Christianity. And because the Palestinians still claim their eastern part as the capital of the state they claim, despite being occupied in 1967, in the Six Day War. The international community never assumed Israeli sovereignty over that territory, although Russia recognized in January the Israeli capital of Jerusalem.

President Donald Trump has once again dispensed with all prudence and, in a nod to his most radical voters, has decided to launch one more of his broadsides in a scenario that is a real barrel of gunpowder.

Without listening to the prayers and pleas of political and religious leaders from all over the world, Trump openly provokes the Palestinian community and, by extension, the entire Arab community in the Middle East, where the populace is already very resentful after the war in Syria.

The movements of refugees, the confrontation between Sunnis and Shiites, Islamist terrorism and the usual conflicts in the West Bank and Gaza.

This provocation in an area in which so many factors of destabilization operate is marked by arbitrariness and a high degree of irresponsibility, given that the relocation of the Embassy, ​​as Trump himself points out, will take years to occur.

By stirring up tensions in the area and undermining the legitimate expectations of the Palestinians, who have aspired to achieve the two-State solution for which the international community has fought unsuccessfully for decades, Trump unnecessarily hampers efforts to find a solution to the conflict and at the same time escalated possible war.


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