Carmel Joy Baird is a psychic and self-proclaimed spiritual medium – or is she? The mother-of-six found fame by starring in her self-produced TV show ‘Mom’s A Medium’ in 2014 on CMT in Canada, but has now been accused of scamming cash out of desperate families.

Greg and Jodi Kucher reached out to Baird in June 2015 following the deaths of several close members of their family and some of their friends. They were also trying to conceive a child at the time. They paid $525 and made an appointment with Baird three years ago … and they are still waiting. Baird has also refused to give them their money back.

“I want my money back and I want her to stop doing this to people,” said Greg. “People reach out when they’re suffering a loss in their life.”

The couple saw ‘Mom’s A Medium’ and made an appointment to see Baird, whom is based in Edmonton, paying the hefty $525 booking fee. The appointment was cancelled and pushed back though, then again, and again, and again. Three years on and Baird still not has seen the couple.

Baird has blamed the energy she uses to reach spirits on the other side, saying that the entire psychic reading process is very tiring for her. She has also blamed a ‘divine occurrence’ for the continual string of cancellations.

The latest consultation was booked for September 21 this year. The couple booked their trip, took time off work and arranged a babysitter, only for Baird to cancel yet again.

CBC Edmonton revealed in June that five complaints had been made to Service Alberta about Baird. Two have since been withdrawn and it is understood that the other three have received a full refund.

It has not all been bad news for Greg and Jodi of late – in 2017 they welcome their firstborn child into their lives – a little boy called Jack.


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