Twitch Fights For The Policies Against Sexual Harassment

Twitch will be taking certain extra steps for cleaning up the community. For combating harassment and the other sexually related content on the platform, it is an important thing for Twitch to follow the set guidelines.

This revised and strict set of the guidelines for the community put the main focus on cracking down the sexual content and other harsher penalties. The guidelines are also a measure of the bans and the moderation of the off-site management.

The Changes Revealed By Twitch

Twitch has revealed in a certain blog post today, that the changes that were brought to the community are just for the safety of the people and to tone down the toxic behaviour that has been going around in the community.

As the effort to crush the harassment, there have two different changes came into action. These changes have been made for taking a strong and determined stance towards everything that has been going on around the place. As a solution to the sexual content and the misbehaviour going around the community, these changes will serve as a strong stand.

The ideological field of battle for the community of Twitch was centered upon the women streamers. Their time was also included in the battleground. The women in the community that adorned short and revealing clothes were often made to face certain shame and inappropriate levels of accusations and harassment comments. People even commented that they are ‘titty streamers’ that use their bodies for the attention, donations, and views.

The previous guidelines of Twitch strictly prohibited the behaviour that anyway promoted nudity or any kind of sexual conduct, even with attire.

The new policy of Twitch suggested that the streamers will not be wearing anything that can suggest any kind of sexual thoughts. The specified clothing are ‘undergarments’, exposing clothes, intimate apparel and the outfits that anyway visualise the female or male genitals, nipples, or buttocks. The blog post by twitch makes an expansion of these rules that are concerned with the dress code.

The blog post mentioned that the attire that is practiced mostly in the gaming streams, the channel imageries, the home streams should be basically appropriate for all the public, restaurants, malls and everything else. They will not be tolerating any use of the policy for the harassment of the streamers, even if they break the rule.

The Other Different Measures

Apart from these measures, Twitch is responsible for listing stream titles, emotes, and the camera angles as the elements that are contextual which they shall be monitoring. That means that when someone gets reported about breaking the certain rules and guidelines of the community on the basis of the sexual content, they will be taking a look at the channel.

This statement was made by a member of Twitch. Also, the new policy that Twitch has against harassment is highlighted properly in the blog post.

The blog post mentioned, “First, conduct we deem to be hateful will result in an immediate indefinite suspension”, “Hate simply has no place in the Twitch community.”

Hateful Streamer Goes On Rant Against The Women

Twitch won’t be taking any action against the infractions but there are some high-profile and serious cases regarding harassment that indicated the behaviour which resulted in suspensions of a higher degree.

Just last year, it so happened that a streamer initiated a rant against all the women who were on the platform. This resulted in a suspension period of 5 days. The poorly behaviour practised on Twitch streams will not be responsible for the more permanent bans.

The company has also made some other revelations as well. They will also be taking the different other platforms into consideration when they will be reviewing the reports of harassment.

A member of the community of Twitch said that they won’t be monitoring the other platforms. They will just make sure that the users are able to provide the documentation when required for filing any report in the case of sexual harassment.

That can be done from any platform and through any source. They further explained that they will be acting in the cases where personal verification can be done without any fail.

They will also be considering the harassing and hateful conduct that can be verified, even if it is in the off-twitch region as well.

The policies of Twitch will be effective from Monday. The streamers are advised to remove all the videos and clips that are meant for policy-breaking if they want to avoid the risk of action being taken against them.


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