Twitter Adds 360-degree Video Streaming

Just like Facebook and Youtube now Twitter will let their users to broadcast the live videos directly by using their mobile apps. This is all because, twitter adds 360-degree video streaming through Periscope for mobile apps.

The company made the announcement for the respective this very morning. Through the updates of iOS and Android applications, rolling out shortly, you will be able to tap a “LIVE” button right away, in the compose screen where you generally write your tweets.

Right after acquiring Periscope, Twitter has been working in order to make this feature to be a more prominent part of its social media platform.

Luckily, Twitter made it possible to watch Periscope broadcasts within the Twitter stream, and woah! You don’t need to launch a second app for that.

It also introduced a new type of alert that will notify you when you will be followed by someone while live streaming, and it launched professional-level tools that allows you to stream directly to Twitter from your VR headsets and other equipments.

Twitter’s Present on New Year’s Eve:

The First ever 360-degree Live Video (Shhh!! we won’t tell anyone you watched it here!):

Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of Periscope, mention in a statement:

We started Periscope because we wanted to give people the superpower to share live video with an audience. Bringing this capability directly into the Twitter app is an important step because it brings that superpower to the hundreds of millions of people who use Twitter”.“Twitter’s already the place where people go to see what’s happening. With this update, anyone can now broadcast what’s happening live.

The company says that this new feature will reach all the Twitter users on iOS and Android in the coming days.


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